Trading of Guarantees of Origin

Trading of Guarantees of Origin

The certificate with Guarantees of Origin issued by Energy Regulatory Office will increase the prestige of your company.

We provide our customers with guarantees of origin that take into account the country, production technology and even the local renewable source from which the energy will come.

Guarantees of energy origin are part of the EU’s environmental policy, which aims to disclose the types of sources and fuels from which electricity is produced. They are sold independently of physical energy supplies. The guarantees confirm the use of green energy. Thanks to them it is known which companies use clean energy.

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All energy, including that from renewable sources, goes into the power grid.

The guarantee of electricity origin is a document confirming to the end user that the amount of electricity specified in this document, introduced to the distribution network or to the transmission network – has been generated in a renewable energy source (RES).

Guarantees of origin are documents certifying the origin of a renewable energy source. They shall be issued at the written request of the renewable energy Producer. The application shall be submitted to the distribution system operator or transmission system operator in whose territory the energy was produced.

It is economically too expensive to build a separate distribution network for electricity from renewable energy sources, so existing power grids are used.

As it is not possible to “mark” the green energy in the grid – a system of documents (guarantees) that are produced alongside renewable energy production and confirm their origin.

The purchaser of the guarantee of origin can use it to reduce the so-called ‘carbon footprint’.

Benefits for companies and institutions
resulting from guarantees of origin:

  • They reduce the carbon footprint.
  • They build a positive image of the company.
  • They support the favour of contractors who are more willing to cooperate with socially responsible partners.
  • They are a form of support for renewable sources by entities taking care of environmental protection.

The guarantees have a significant impact and benefit for the environment – because one Polish guarantee of energy origin reduces the company’s carbon footprint by about 1000 kg of carbon dioxide.
Companies declaring low carbon intensity are more favourably evaluated by Clients on the market.

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