Comprehensive variant

Comprehensive variant

The hourly/daily price depends on the amount of energy consumption in a given hour/day and the amount of power input into the grid in that hour/day. They are published daily by the Polish Power Exchange (TGE). When choosing this option, you should prepare for price changes depending on production and consumption fluctuations (daily, monthly and annual). At the COMPREHENSIVE VARIANT your settlement will be based on the price determined by TGE for production of energy sent into the grid, reduced by the fee for our services, including balancing costs. By selecting the COMPREHENSIVE VARIANT you gain stable, reliable, and least absorbing access to the TGE market.

Do you know how your income will be calculated? During the whole month the production volume in each hour will be multiplied by the price published by TGE for that hour. While preparing settlements we will use the average resulting from dividing your revenue by the monthly production of your installation.

    We offer settlements at prices of:

  • Balancing Market,
  • Day-Ahead Market,
  • TGeBASE.

    • Client

    • has the opportunity to participate in the increase of market prices but also bears the risk of a possible drop in electricity market prices,
    • does not bear the risk of balancing costs,
    • does not make forecasts of daily and hourly energy production,
    • does not bear additional exchange fees of sale of electricity on the Polish Power Exchange (TGE),
    • does not pay any additional fees for the commercial operator (OH).

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