Sale of electricity from RES installations

Long-Term PPA

Benefits of long term PPA for the RES Producer:

  • fixed price guarantee for each year of the contract period or price floor + upside,
  • an alternative to the auction system,
  • a chance for a price better than the auction price,
  • good marketing move,
  • no financial entry barrier.

What do we offer under CPPA/PPA?

  • we take care of both the financial and physical handling of the contract,
  • balancing of RES installations,
  • management of production shortages and surpluses,
  • guarantee a fixed price also for surplus production,
  • analytical assistance (long-term price forecasts, market trends),
  • in the case of new RES installations – we support our Clients in the transition period between the start of the contract and the construction of the power plant and the start of production,
  • flexibility in shaping the cooperation model,
  • direct support to the assigned RES installer for the duration of the contract.


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