Trade in property rights

Trade in property rights

We guarantee fixed prices throughout the entire contract

If you are a producer of green energy, you have property rights and are looking to sell them – we offer the possibility of buying them out.

Tradable Green Certificates system

(ang. Tradable Green Certificates system – TGCs, Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates – TREC) is a mechanism to support electricity production from renewable sources. The system was introduced in Poland in 2005. The so-called green certificates are property rights that arise as a result of conversion of certificates of origin of energy from renewable sources issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office (URE). Green certificates are registered and recorded in the Certificate of Origin Register kept by the Polish Power Exchange and they have only a dematerialized form, which is evidenced by electronic recording in the register recording system. The number of green certificates generated is equal to the amount of electricity shown in a given certificate of origin. One property right corresponds to 1 kWh of electricity and this is the denomination of the green certificate.. Green certificates are instruments of unlimited duration and are subject to redemption by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office on request and at the request of their holder.

Trading in certificates

Green certificates are transferable and are subject to exchange and over-the-counter trading. In 2016, the Polish Power Exchange also launched a forward market for green certificates. The green certificates trading may be carried out in two ways – directly or through brokerage houses, which are members of TGE and admitted to operation on the Property Rights Market.. Trading in the certificates results from the obligation imposed by the Energy Law to purchase energy from renewable sources.

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